All Saints Cale Denim jacket for short men

Mixing Patterns

My stylist and I have been experimenting with monochromatic pairings but this is one of the more unique for sure. We paired a subtle blue camo denim jacket over a floral print shirt for a super cool monochrome look. Monochrome is a great option of clothes for short men because it  gives the illusion of looking taller by not breaking the color silhouette at the waist. If you haven’t tried it, its super easy to do. Just focus on a color (greys and navys are always good options) and pair some pieces like these navy chinos and navy top with matching shoes to create a unique style that will stand out. Check below to see these exact pieces…

Camo blue denim jacket Jason LoPresti by All SaintsMens floral shirt Jason LoPrestiAll Saints transverse shirt Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Cale Denim jacket navy blue chinos from Jason LoPrestiBlue leather lacoste shoes worn by Jason LoPrestiBlue camo denim jacket for short men


All Saints Cale Denim Jacket All Saints | All Saints Transverse Floral Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Navy Chinos – All Saints | Lacoste Shoes – Nordstrom