All Saints core cardigan in light blue

Back In The Swing

Back in San Diego and fully in the swing of things! Had a blast this summer and trying to squeeze every last drop of it out of SoCal. Going with some cool blue tones lately in true California beach-y style. A great addition to any mans wardrobe which is often overlooked is a cardigan. Get on this guys. I love rocking a cardigan in a unique way because its not something I see many guys wearing. They can be dressed up or down and add a bit of style and sophistication to a standard t-shirt or button up and they keep you warmer in the evening. As clothes for short men go, a nice fitted cardigan can be very flattering. Check out how we paired this light blue one with some crisp navy chinos…

All Saints blue cardigan on Jason LoPrestiAll Saints cardigan for short menJason LoPresti navy clothes for short menRalph lauren janis slip on shoes for short men


All Saints Core Cardigan All Saints | All Saints Navy Chinos – All Saints | Ralph Lauren Janis Slip-on – Zappos

Skinny jeans beach fashion clothes for short guys

Beach Cruzin’

Beach vibes are in full effect in Southern California…its HOT this weekend! Living in San Diego I spend most of my days in gym clothes and casual wear so I thought it was the perfect time to make a post about it. This outfit is a great example of a way to pull off a casual beach look while still standing out as having a unique cohesive style. We put together a striped scoop neck shirt that has all the makings of a cool summer tee (light colors, faded stripes, and airy material), and paired it with washed out grey skinny jeans and some tan leather slip-ons to add a pop of color. Also, I highly recommend you add some accessories to these clothes for short men like a bracelet or watch, and sunglasses to complete the look. Accessories take your style to the next level and show that you have attention to detail that most men don’t think about.

Summer’s just getting started so I’ll be sure to get you some swimwear for short guys in a future post for you guys. If you have any requests feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll try to create a post addressing it.

All Saints beach fashion clothes for short menAll Saints beach fashion clothes for short guysBeach fashion clothes for short menBeach fashion for short men Jason LoPrestiBeach wear for short men Jason LoPrestiFrye leather slip on shoes Jason LoPresti


All Saints Tonic Scoop Neck Shirt All Saints | All Saints Grey Skinny Jeans – All Saints | Frye Leather Slip On Shoes – Frye

All Saints Okinawa Jacket in Linen for short men

Cool Summer Nights

There have been some seriously chilly nights in San Diego lately so we decided to put together an outfit that is perfect for warmer days and cooler nights that still has a unique masculine vibe and isn’t something you will see other guys wearing. In one of my previous clothes for short men posts I spoke about linen being my favorite material for summer, and it 100% is. Its light, highly breathable, and isn’t a type of material that typically comes with an overwhelming amount of prints & graphics that you will be seeing on loads of people.

This outfit layers a linen jacket over a linen shirt with a pair of classic blue skinny jeans and vintage worker boots for a touch of masculinity. Don’t forget guys, its critical for short men to tailor their clothes to get the best fit possible. Consider your normal XS,S,M,L,XL sizing as merely a ‘template’ for you and not ‘your size’. Get the size that fits you best then get it tailored to make sure the details (hem, sleeve length, taper, etc) fit perfectly. This is the single biggest tip that will help you get on the right path of your style journey.

All Saints Okinawa Jacket and shoes for short menClothes for short men Linen JacketSkinny blue jeans All Saints Okinawa JacketAll Saints Grey linen shirt clothes for short guysGrey linen shirt clothes for short menAll Saints Linen Okinawa Jacket clothes for short menAll Saints worker leather boots


All Saints Okinawa Blazer Jacket All Saints | All Saints Alta Linen Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Blue Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Vintage Worker Boots – All Saints


Black tuxedo for Jason LoPresti

How to Stand Out at a Wedding

Wedding season is in full effect and every time I go it seems like all the dudes look the same whereas all the girls look vibrant and fresh. F-that! Us guys can do so much better with just a little effort. Just a heads up, the tux I work is a bit over the top so you don’t have to go this far, but if you want to stand out it will definitely achieve that. First, I went for a super skinny tux from ASOS in classic black/white color pallet that was loaded with elastic. It was really comfortable and I would highly recommend it. Then I added a color splash with a teal velvet bow-tie and teal velvet loafers with embroidered white beetles. These will NOT go unnoticed and you will receive comments all night…be warned. For accessories I kept it simple with matching sunglasses and a natural grey beaded bracelet…mic drop.

ASOS black tuxedo for short menASOS black tuxedo Jason LoPrestiTeal velvet bowtie Jason LoPrestiASOS teal velvet beetle loafersBlack tuxedo for short men


ASOS Black Tux Jacket ASOS | ASOS Black Skinny Pants ASOS | ASOS White Dress Shirt ASOS | ASOS White Dress Shirt ASOS

Jason LoPresti Spring clothes for short men

Casual Black/White

Black and white is such a classic combo but so many people I see go about it in a typical/uninteresting way. For this look we wanted to take the black/color pallet and splash it up with a bit of tan color to give it a very unique, fresh look. The sunglasses match the shoes in a way thats subtle but works like magic to break up the all black and white outfit. The look is effortless and untraceable.  Definitely one of my new favorite casual looks for Spring and Summer.

All Saints Mauna shirt worn by Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Mauna shirt for short menJohn Varvatos sunglasses in vintage yellowJason LoPresti John Varvatos braceletFrye leather slip on shoes in TanAll Saints Mauna shirt for short guys


All Saints Keaton Black Denim Jacket All Saints | All Saints Mauna Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Black Jeans – All Saints | Frye Leather Slip On Shoes – Frye

All Saints McKay leather shirt for Short Men

Spring Linen

May grey is gone in San Diego and its heating up quick. My absolute favorite fabric for SoCal summer is Linen. Its light and breathable so you don’t get sweaty and has a cool look to it that makes you stand out. I highly recommend getting a couple linen shirts and trying them out, you’ll instantly get what I’m talking about.

TIP: If you pick up a quality knit linen shirt like the one I’m wearing in these photos be sure you don’t hang it in your closet, it’ll stretch like crazy. You have to store it folded in a drawer to keep it looking fresh.

All Saints spring style from Jason LoPrestiAll Saints McKay leather shirt for Short MenAll Saints alta linen shirt for short menAll Saints grey linen shirt for short guysAll Saints greye suede brogue boots Jason LoPrestiSpring style for short men Jason LoPresti


All Saints McKay Leather Jacket All Saints | All Saints Alta Linen Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Indigo Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Maintain Boots – All Saints

All Saints Cale Denim jacket for short men

Mixing Patterns

My stylist and I have been experimenting with monochromatic pairings but this is one of the more unique for sure. We paired a subtle blue camo denim jacket over a floral print shirt for a super cool monochrome look. Monochrome is a great option of clothes for short men because it  gives the illusion of looking taller by not breaking the color silhouette at the waist. If you haven’t tried it, its super easy to do. Just focus on a color (greys and navys are always good options) and pair some pieces like these navy chinos and navy top with matching shoes to create a unique style that will stand out. Check below to see these exact pieces…

Camo blue denim jacket Jason LoPresti by All SaintsMens floral shirt Jason LoPrestiAll Saints transverse shirt Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Cale Denim jacket navy blue chinos from Jason LoPrestiBlue leather lacoste shoes worn by Jason LoPrestiBlue camo denim jacket for short men


All Saints Cale Denim Jacket All Saints | All Saints Transverse Floral Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Navy Chinos – All Saints | Lacoste Shoes – Nordstrom

ASOS green blazer with All Saints Chinos

Smart Casual Spring Style

I always was confused with I was going to an event and the attire was ‘smart casual’. What does that mean?!?! Well I think I finally figured it out. Although I will vary it up depending on the season, here is one of my favorite smart casual looks for Spring. Its a great blend of dressed up while still being casual in a look that is highly versatile and can be worn most anywhere and still stand out. The v-neck linen shirt is the perfect material for warmer Spring weather and a great clothes for short men tip is to cuff the pants up to show about 1″ of ankle to complete the detail of the look.

ASOS blazer with All Saints tan ChinosASOS blazer with tan ChinosJohn Varvatos shirt with All Saints chinos for short guysJohn Varvatos v-neck shirt for short menJohn Varvatos t-shirt for short menJohn Varvatos shirt with ASOS blazerSendra double monk strap shoes for men


ASOS Green Blazer – ASOS | John Varvatos Linen V-Neck Shirt – John Varvatos | All Saints Tan Chinos – All Saints | Sendra Double Monk Strap Shoes – Nordstrom

All saints Suede Murdock leather jacket for short men

How to Wear Suede in Spring

Sometimes heavy leather jackets are just too much weight for the warmer temperatures.  Nothing screams masculine style like a leather jacket on a man, light suede bomber jackets will be your friend in Spring. Heavy enough to keep you warm at night and light enough to keep you from overheating during the day. Enter my favorite suede bomber jacket this season…the All Saints Murdock Jacket. Supple soft espresso brown suede with cool understated flower embroidery makes this jacket really stand out. Paired with a rust t-shirt and super light grey jeans cuffed up with a pair of leather desert boots makes this one of my go-to outfits lately.

Spring suede jacket for short menAll saints Murdock leather jacket worn by Jason LoPrestiAll saints Suede Murdock leather jacket worn by Jason LoPrestiAll Saints spring mens sytle from Jason LoPrestiAll Saints leather sudede desert boots Jason LoPresti


All Saints Murdock Bomber Jacket – All Saints | All Saints Figure Crew Neck Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Grey Cigarette Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Desert Boots – All Saints

all saints keaton leather jacket short men

Spring Textures

Super pumped about some new texture pieces I picked up recently. Found one of the most interesting jackets in my collection, the All Saints Keaton Jacket. Very unique black denim jacket that mixes denim, wool, and leather textures all together with a removable wool collar! I rarely see anything like this when I’m out and a great addition if you want to stand out. I paired it here with another cool pair of textured shoes, camo calf-hair by Sam Edelman. Kinda obsessed with these because they fulfill my constant need for camo in my life. An exception pairing of clothes for short men layering up some dope textures.

all saints chinos for short menall saints model for short menall saints keaton jacket for short menRiver Island t-shrit for short menriver island scoop neck shirtSam Edelman camo hair shoesall saints denim jacket in black for short guys


All Saints Keaton Jacket – All Saints | River Island Scoop Neck Shirt – River Island | All Saints Navy Chinos – All Saints | Sam Edelman Camo Calf-hair shoes – Sam Edelman