Jason LoPresti - Clothes for short men blogI’m a small dude. The combination of my personal style and 5’ 5” stature involves a lot of creativity. This means I have various tailors, and I shop almost exclusively online, often ordering from Europe to get smaller sizes than what the US offers. This also means I boil most my clothes to shrink them, and I buy unisex boots because men’s boots rarely come in my size. My goal with this blog is to help shorter guys realize they have a ton of fashion forward options out there if they’re willing to get inventive.

Here is my story . . .

I’ve always been passionate about my style, but let’s just say I was ‘misguided’. I basically put together matchy-matchy pairings I saw on mannequins. About six years ago I decided to take my look to the next level. I wanted to stand out and wear things no one else was wearing. I thoroughly researched several stylists in San Diego to determine which one had a style that jived with what I wanted to create. I wanted to see something that wow’d me and I found it in Vanessa Valiente.

My style changed immediately. I found brands I loved and started choosing unique pieces I never thought I’d wear or be into. Vanessa helped expand my stylistic vision away from copying models and celebrities directly, and showed me how to make the looks more unique, and more me. I finally have the key to unlock the style I want to portray.

Our process works like this . . .

I do 99.9% of the shopping, usually on eBay, or All Saints. I then bring Vanessa in to put it all together to accomplish that “untraceable” look. Sometimes I go off the wall and buy hats, accessories, chesty shirts or dark moody colors to bring out my inner rock star. In these cases, Vanessa reels me back to lighter colors and more sophisticated pieces that I’ve learned to embrace. Still, sometimes I get so obsessed with a piece I just have to have it. I don’t tell her and just buy it. I then do my best to make her love it. This works 75% of the time.

I hope you enjoy my clothes for short men blog. If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout.


1. People always wonder what the hell I’m doing with pots of clothes in water sitting in the kitchen.
2. Tailors think I’m crazy when I want them to completely dismantle jackets and shoes and remake them to fit me.
3. Once I tried to match an off-white color to the point where I soaked 5 samples in 5 different types of tea to try to stain the cotton to the perfect shade.
4. My friends think I have a shopping problem and I personally think I should see somebody about my obsession with eBay.
5. My mom always buys me jeans for Christmas and my birthday. In the very beginning when I purged my closet I realized I had 14 pairs of blue jeans all from my mom…no other colors.