All Saints Okinawa Jacket in Linen for short men

Cool Summer Nights

There have been some seriously chilly nights in San Diego lately so we decided to put together an outfit that is perfect for warmer days and cooler nights that still has a unique masculine vibe and isn’t something you will see other guys wearing. In one of my previous clothes for short men posts I spoke about linen being my favorite material for summer, and it 100% is. Its light, highly breathable, and isn’t a type of material that typically comes with an overwhelming amount of prints & graphics that you will be seeing on loads of people.

This outfit layers a linen jacket over a linen shirt with a pair of classic blue skinny jeans and vintage worker boots for a touch of masculinity. Don’t forget guys, its critical for short men to tailor their clothes to get the best fit possible. Consider your normal XS,S,M,L,XL sizing as merely a ‘template’ for you and not ‘your size’. Get the size that fits you best then get it tailored to make sure the details (hem, sleeve length, taper, etc) fit perfectly. This is the single biggest tip that will help you get on the right path of your style journey.

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All Saints Okinawa Blazer Jacket All Saints | All Saints Alta Linen Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Blue Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Vintage Worker Boots – All Saints


All Saints McKay leather shirt for Short Men

Spring Linen

May grey is gone in San Diego and its heating up quick. My absolute favorite fabric for SoCal summer is Linen. Its light and breathable so you don’t get sweaty and has a cool look to it that makes you stand out. I highly recommend getting a couple linen shirts and trying them out, you’ll instantly get what I’m talking about.

TIP: If you pick up a quality knit linen shirt like the one I’m wearing in these photos be sure you don’t hang it in your closet, it’ll stretch like crazy. You have to store it folded in a drawer to keep it looking fresh.

All Saints spring style from Jason LoPrestiAll Saints McKay leather shirt for Short MenAll Saints alta linen shirt for short menAll Saints grey linen shirt for short guysAll Saints greye suede brogue boots Jason LoPrestiSpring style for short men Jason LoPresti


All Saints McKay Leather Jacket All Saints | All Saints Alta Linen Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Indigo Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Maintain Boots – All Saints