Black tuxedo for Jason LoPresti

How to Stand Out at a Wedding

Wedding season is in full effect and every time I go it seems like all the dudes look the same whereas all the girls look vibrant and fresh. F-that! Us guys can do so much better with just a little effort. Just a heads up, the tux I work is a bit over the top so you don’t have to go this far, but if you want to stand out it will definitely achieve that. First, I went for a super skinny tux from ASOS in classic black/white color pallet that was loaded with elastic. It was really comfortable and I would highly recommend it. Then I added a color splash with a teal velvet bow-tie and teal velvet loafers with embroidered white beetles. These will NOT go unnoticed and you will receive comments all night…be warned. For accessories I kept it simple with matching sunglasses and a natural grey beaded bracelet…mic drop.

ASOS black tuxedo for short menASOS black tuxedo Jason LoPrestiTeal velvet bowtie Jason LoPrestiASOS teal velvet beetle loafersBlack tuxedo for short men


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ASOS green blazer with All Saints Chinos

Smart Casual Spring Style

I always was confused with I was going to an event and the attire was ‘smart casual’. What does that mean?!?! Well I think I finally figured it out. Although I will vary it up depending on the season, here is one of my favorite smart casual looks for Spring. Its a great blend of dressed up while still being casual in a look that is highly versatile and can be worn most anywhere and still stand out. The v-neck linen shirt is the perfect material for warmer Spring weather and a great clothes for short men tip is to cuff the pants up to show about 1″ of ankle to complete the detail of the look.

ASOS blazer with All Saints tan ChinosASOS blazer with tan ChinosJohn Varvatos shirt with All Saints chinos for short guysJohn Varvatos v-neck shirt for short menJohn Varvatos t-shirt for short menJohn Varvatos shirt with ASOS blazerSendra double monk strap shoes for men


ASOS Green Blazer – ASOS | John Varvatos Linen V-Neck Shirt – John Varvatos | All Saints Tan Chinos – All Saints | Sendra Double Monk Strap Shoes – Nordstrom

ASOS blazer for short guys

How to Dress Up an Edgy Style

If you know me you know I’ve got a death grip on my edgier looks. But sometimes you need to dress it up a notch without breaking the look. Here’s a perfect example of how I like to pair an edgy style with a touch of sophistication. By adding double monk strap shoes and a blazer you keep your style versatile yet untraceable. This blazer is from ASOS which has a great selection of clothes for short men in an array of smaller sizes.

Monk strap shoes for menAll Saints print skinny jeansAll Saints scoop neck shirt with blazerASOS blazer short menDouble monk strap shoes for men


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