Skinny jeans beach fashion clothes for short guys

Beach Cruzin’

Beach vibes are in full effect in Southern California…its HOT this weekend! Living in San Diego I spend most of my days in gym clothes and casual wear so I thought it was the perfect time to make a post about it. This outfit is a great example of a way to pull off a casual beach look while still standing out as having a unique cohesive style. We put together a striped scoop neck shirt that has all the makings of a cool summer tee (light colors, faded stripes, and airy material), and paired it with washed out grey skinny jeans and some tan leather slip-ons to add a pop of color. Also, I highly recommend you add some accessories to these clothes for short men like a bracelet or watch, and sunglasses to complete the look. Accessories take your style to the next level and show that you have attention to detail that most men don’t think about.

Summer’s just getting started so I’ll be sure to get you some swimwear for short guys in a future post for you guys. If you have any requests feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll try to create a post addressing it.

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All Saints Tonic Scoop Neck Shirt All Saints | All Saints Grey Skinny Jeans – All Saints | Frye Leather Slip On Shoes – Frye

All Saints Okinawa Jacket in Linen for short men

Cool Summer Nights

There have been some seriously chilly nights in San Diego lately so we decided to put together an outfit that is perfect for warmer days and cooler nights that still has a unique masculine vibe and isn’t something you will see other guys wearing. In one of my previous clothes for short men posts I spoke about linen being my favorite material for summer, and it 100% is. Its light, highly breathable, and isn’t a type of material that typically comes with an overwhelming amount of prints & graphics that you will be seeing on loads of people.

This outfit layers a linen jacket over a linen shirt with a pair of classic blue skinny jeans and vintage worker boots for a touch of masculinity. Don’t forget guys, its critical for short men to tailor their clothes to get the best fit possible. Consider your normal XS,S,M,L,XL sizing as merely a ‘template’ for you and not ‘your size’. Get the size that fits you best then get it tailored to make sure the details (hem, sleeve length, taper, etc) fit perfectly. This is the single biggest tip that will help you get on the right path of your style journey.

All Saints Okinawa Jacket and shoes for short menClothes for short men Linen JacketSkinny blue jeans All Saints Okinawa JacketAll Saints Grey linen shirt clothes for short guysGrey linen shirt clothes for short menAll Saints Linen Okinawa Jacket clothes for short menAll Saints worker leather boots


All Saints Okinawa Blazer Jacket All Saints | All Saints Alta Linen Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Blue Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Vintage Worker Boots – All Saints


Jason LoPresti Spring clothes for short men

Casual Black/White

Black and white is such a classic combo but so many people I see go about it in a typical/uninteresting way. For this look we wanted to take the black/color pallet and splash it up with a bit of tan color to give it a very unique, fresh look. The sunglasses match the shoes in a way thats subtle but works like magic to break up the all black and white outfit. The look is effortless and untraceable.  Definitely one of my new favorite casual looks for Spring and Summer.

All Saints Mauna shirt worn by Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Mauna shirt for short menJohn Varvatos sunglasses in vintage yellowJason LoPresti John Varvatos braceletFrye leather slip on shoes in TanAll Saints Mauna shirt for short guys


All Saints Keaton Black Denim Jacket All Saints | All Saints Mauna Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Black Jeans – All Saints | Frye Leather Slip On Shoes – Frye

Skinny jeans for short men Jason LoPresti

How to Wear Oxblood

Oxblood is one of my absolute favorite mens colors. Its a deep purple/maroon mix thats both powerful and edgy. It pairs amazing with black and believe it or not, an oxblood shirt. Here I went for a classic yet edgy look that is perfect for evenings out. Be sure to check out the end of the post for the links to the exact pieces I’m wearing so you can recreate the look. Now get your oxblood on!

All Saints leather jacket short men Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Callerton leather biker jacket for short menAll Saints leather jacket for Short Guys from Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Callerton biker jacketAll Saints shirt short men Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Short Men Jason LoPresti Tigard dress shirtAll Saints Jason LoPresti


All Saints Callerton Jacket – All Saints | All Saints Tigard Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Print Cigarette Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Black Calf-hair Shoes – All Saints

ASOS blazer for short guys

How to Dress Up an Edgy Style

If you know me you know I’ve got a death grip on my edgier looks. But sometimes you need to dress it up a notch without breaking the look. Here’s a perfect example of how I like to pair an edgy style with a touch of sophistication. By adding double monk strap shoes and a blazer you keep your style versatile yet untraceable. This blazer is from ASOS which has a great selection of clothes for short men in an array of smaller sizes.

Monk strap shoes for menAll Saints print skinny jeansAll Saints scoop neck shirt with blazerASOS blazer short menDouble monk strap shoes for men


ASOS Olive Blazer – ASOS | All Saints Scoop Neck Graphic Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Print Cigarette Jeans – All Saints | Sendra Double Monk Strap Shoes – Sendra

All Saints Checkerd Button Up Shirt

Post-Winter Vest

If you’re looking for a classy way to stand out from the crowd a well tailored and paired vest can really take your look to the next level. I rarely see other guys sporting a vest, and when I do they’re usually too big and not paired well. Here is a great example of how you can take an otherwise rugged look and take it up a notch with the perfect vest.

ASOS tweed vest Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Black skinny jeans Jason LoPrestiAll Saints Checkerd Shirt for Short GuysStilletto Black watch worn by Jason LoPrestiAll Saints vintage military bootsAll Saints print cigarette jeans Jason LoPrestiAll Saints military boots Jason LoPresti


ASOS Tweed Vest – ASOS | All Saints Flannel Shirt – All Saints | All Saints Print Cigarette Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Military Boots – All Saints | Citizen Black Stiletto Watch – Citizen

Clothes for short men John Varvatos scarf

Pulling Off a Scarf

Scarfs are the perfect winter accessory but can quickly get out of control. My two most important tips are to (1) pick the right weight scarf, and (2) Layer it up with the perfect winter jacket. I went with a medium weight John Varvatos scarf here and paired it with an open matching leather jacket. If you chose to tie it, there are several ways to go about it. Whichever you chose just make sure its laying low around your neck. Avoid that look where its creeping up trying to strangle you at all costs.

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John Varvatos Scarf – John Varvatos | All Saints Alcona Leather Jacket – All Saints | American Apparel 3/4 Sleeve Shirt – American Apparel | All Saints Blue Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Distressed Military Boots – All Saints


Winter Cashmere

If you don’t own a cashmere sweater, get on that! Super soft and warm, and perfect for winter. To ensure its a good option for clothes for short men, make sure its slim fitting and not bulky and hanging off you. Can be paired with matching jeans and suede boots to complete an effortless winter style.



Bloomingdale’s Cashmere Sweater – Bloomingdales | All Saints Sodium Jeans – All Saints | All Saints Maintain Boots – All Saints